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Circular Economy Webinar

Looking beyond the current 'take, make, waste' model that contributes to the rapid depletion of raw materials, w​​e need to develop new systems, new models that will ensure that our economy can grow sustainably in the future. Numerous standards and certification systems are already emerging in partial aspects of the circular economy such as material passports, lifecycle guarantees, recycled content, etc. We are looking for a global vision for this new economy and for universal agreements concerning the new business models that will be necessary to close the loop. 

In this webinar you will discover the fundaments of the circular economy, an economy where we design out waste, where nothing is lost and products, components and materials are valorized for as long as possible. 

Date: 11 March 2021, Thursday
Time: 15.00 - 16.00 [Singapore Time]

Key takeaways: 

  • Discover the key trends and insights of the circular economy
  • Get inspired by best practices in Asia, Europe and the USA
  • Get insight in the latest progress in the development of the new ISO standards on circular economy. 


Our Speaker:

Mieke PietersMieke Pieters

Mieke is president of the Belgian Commission for the Standard on Circular Economy BS 8001 and Vice-President of the Belgian Committee for the development of the Standard on Sustainable Procurement ISO 20400-2017.  She is also CEO and founder of The Global Picture and Circular Hub, companies aiming to accelerate the sustainability impact of private and public organizations.

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