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How Collaboration enables Innovation;

24th March, 2pm-3pm

Join us for this virtual event where we will explore;

Why is innovation so important and how does collaboration facilitate it?

It is often hard to define exactly what innovation means in relation to business. But as the world continues to evolve with new methods of working, everyone agrees that innovation is more crucial than ever. Governments are calling for more comprehensive returns on investment, customers are becoming more demanding on a wider array of issues and senior leaders are looking for real, tangible, changes to how their organizations adapt to these new requirements.

In this session, hear from our expert speakers about the crossovers between collaboration and innovation and how you can use existing skills and processes to enable collaboration to drive innovation, as well as new frameworks and solutions

Join BSI, ICW and others to understand how collaboration and innovation drive economic growth.

The session;

Andrew Hopper, Skanska- Collaborate to Innovate - How Skanska UK used collaborative working to support the development of an innovation management system.

Phil Richardson, NHS Dorset- Innovation in Health - a driver of economic growth

Natasha Bambridge, 
BSI – How can innovation frameworks be implemented across organisations to complement structured collaboration

Followed by a panel discussion with Q&A

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