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Do you want to gain an understanding of effective psychosocial risk management?

Health and safety in the workplace isn’t confined to hard hats, trips and slips- it is becoming increasingly important to consider the psychosocial hazards that can affect your employees. The growing global awareness of this has led to the development of a new standard, DIS/ISO 45003, which provides information on how to recognize hazards in your workplace and offers example of effective actions that can be taken to help manage these.

Psychological health and safety at work (ISO/DIS 45003)- One Day Training Course

On this one-day training course, you’ll learn how to manage psychosocial risk across your organization as part of your overall occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001, in order to:
  • Prevent psychosocial harm in the workplace
  • Implement effective controls to eliminate or manage psychosocial risk
  • Continually improve the management of psychosocial risk

You will follow the recommendations of ISO/DIS 45003 Occupational health and safety management - Psychological health and safety at work:

  •  Managing psychosocial risks – Guidelines
  •  Gain an understanding of its background; what creates psychosocial risk within an organization and the steps to take to eliminate or manage the risks and drive continual improvement.

This course will help you to identify why psychosocial risk management is important to an organization, as well as giving practical guidance on managing psychosocial health in the workplace to reduce the impact of sickness and absence. 

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