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Webinar replay - Is the NIS Directive on your radar?

The Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive is the first piece of EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. It places legal obligations on providers to protect critical services by improving cybersecurity, ensuring that they are prepared to deal with the increasing volume of cyber threats.

In the present day, almost all organizations have some reliance on networks and information systems with many crucial services dependent on their resilience. The level of reliance a society has on these services means that the exploitation of adverse threats could significantly disrupt the supply of essential services to a country; affecting citizens, markets and economic stability.

Are you aware of how this directive could affect your business?

Access this webinar replay to discover:

  • The NIS directive and its three top-level objectives
  • Who the directive applies to
  • How to achieve compliance
  • The role of the NCSC

Our speaker:

Austin France, Head of UK Government Strategy, BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience 

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