Will the new ISO 9001 require our organization to change our quality management system?

Under ISO 9001:2015, quality will now bridge all departments, from the C-Suite to the Shop Floor, creating a more resilient organization, able to identify and mitigate risk, effectively manage change and seize opportunities. We will review the new revision and its implication to a quality management system,  which is currently compliant to ISO 9001:2008.

This useful, one hour webinar will cover exactly where ISO 9001:2015 may differ from the past standard revisions, including:


What changes are incorporated in the revision?


How will the new structure impact implementation of an effective quality management system?


What are the next steps in planning for transition?


How can you maintain a quality management system compliant to ISO 9001:2008 during the transition?


What are the options for transitioning to the ISO 9001:2015?


How must management take responsibility for the expanded requirements throughout the organization?

...And so much more that will help you get started on the most efficient path to ISO 9001 certification or re-certification.

Who will be your guide through this important journey of transition?

John DiMaria, BSI Sr. Product Manager, Systems Certification for the Americas.

John has 28 years of successful experience in Management System Development, including:

  • Extensive work in both information systems, and quality assurance
  • Currently responsible for overseeing, product roll-out, and client/sales education
  • Also serves as a product spokesperson for BSI Group America, Inc. regarding all product standards covering Risk, Quality, Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance.

Taking the next step: Learn what it will take to be certified

BSI has been at the forefront of ISO 9001 development since the beginning. It was originally based on BS 5750, which, in 1979, BSI proposed to ISO. Since 1994, BSI has held the Secretariat of the International Committee developing and evolving ISO 9001 to where it is today. That’s why we’re best placed to help you understand and transition to the requirements of the new standard

Get Ready for ISO 9001:2015

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