Predicting your next accident is the best way to prevent it

Major injuries can be reduced or eliminated by focusing on more frequent, less dangerous incidents.

Concentrating on employee behaviors (alone) often hide minor injuries and near-misses which can give a misplaced sense of success. When something does finally go wrong, it’s severe or catastrophic.

By considering the pattern of all accidents, including the ones that did not result in injury, a predictive model can be created which isolates the cultural root causes of workplace injury and larger scale disasters.

The game-changing methodology you will be introduced to through this whitepaper includes:

  • Aligning tools and processes to improve efficiency and data accuracy
  • Why each organization (including office-based ones) need to worry about injuries and incidents
  • How an occupational health and safety management system can create a safety culture
  • How to implement including early, intermediate and advanced phases
  • Changing the way we manage safety, including limits of current approaches

You will then begin to learn how information systems can support process in a safety culture. Business management tools can help advance the safety program and strategy, delivering alignment, providing efficiency, empowering analysis, and streamlining critical processes that drive continual business improvement. Automated toods help take operations to the next level.

Improve your Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Performance.

Organizations can improve performance by implementing a simple overlay of a software tool on their existing business processes. A business management tool can prompt reviews, discover trends, and track the leading indicators that will help business to anticipate the risk impact of changes. Every incident provides information, whether it identifies gaps, supports deeper investigation or helps spot opportunities for improvement; it’s valuable insight at your fingertips.

Taking the next step: Build resilience throughout the organization

Through the passion and expertise of our people, BSI embeds excellence in organizations across the globe to improve business performance and resilience.

Make safety performance highly visible

    • Efficiency and effectiveness should translate into cost savings

    • Record and evaluate all incidents

    • Empower your EHS business management system

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