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The Ever Changing Paradigm of Trust in the Cloud

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time: 2 pm - 3 pm ET

Your Host: BSI Group America

About this event

When a paradigm shifts, you cannot count on past success. New technology can revolutionize a market, creating a tectonic shift in accepted practices and a change you cannot ignore. The advent of the Cloud to date has been such an advancement in technology and optimization of its capability, the need for flexible access has led to an increase in business demand for cloud computing along with extensive security and privacy concerns. How organizations evaluate Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) has become key to providing increased levels of assurance transparency.

Join John DiMaria, former Global Champion for Information Security at BSI and current Cloud Security Alliance Assurance Investigatory Fellow, as he discusses the current challenges facing CSPs and provides a glimpse into the opportunities for increased cloud security that are on the horizon.

About the presenter

John DiMaria, Cloud Security Alliance’s Assurance Investigatory Fellow and one of the key innovators in the evolution of CSA STAR, will discusses the current global landscape of cloud computing, the ongoing concerns regarding the cloud and evolution of efforts to answer to the demand for higher transparency and assurance. He will review how current efforts, led by CSA, will help organizations optimize processes, reduce costs and decrease risk, while meeting the increasingly rigorous international demands on cloud services for the highest level of assurance and transparency.

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