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SCREEN Global Supply Chain Risk Review

Date: Tuesday, March 19th 

Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

About this event

Join us for our webinar ‘Global Supply Chain Risk Review’ to hear from the BSI intelligence team as they provide a high-level overview of the top security, corporate social responsibility, business continuity, food fraud risks, and overview on emerging supply chain risks for the upcoming year.

BSI’s ‘SCREEN Global Supply Chain Risk Review’ will provide data and analysis on an array of supply chain topics and disruptions, including:

  • CTPAT Rewrite - New challenges and components
  • Migrant Labor Force – The CSR & Security threats they pose
  • Protectionist Policies – How they increasingly shape global supply chains
  • Growth in Africa & China – Impacts to security, BCR, and trade disputes
  • Cyber Security – Growth and its role in supply chains
  • Inclement Weather – Exacerbating compliance to FSMA and Food Safety

About the presenter:

BSI Intelligence Team
Our dedicated team of analysts monitor and analyze a wide range of geographic risk and incident data sources to produce risk ratings for 25 proprietary risk indicators for 203 countries. The BSI team is constantly updating and refining our intelligence, making sure our risk ratings reflect the situation on the ground.

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