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BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials – Issue 6 Sneak Peek Events 


Joanna Griffiths, Global Food Community Director


Join Joanna and other members of the BSI food team as they talk you through the changes in the BRC Packaging and Packaging Material standard.

Joanna Griffiths led the development of BRC Packaging issue 6 (the latest 2019 iteration of the BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard) before leaving the BRC to join BSI in late 2018. Joanna now leads food communities for BSI, having started her career in packaging technology, after receiving a BSc (Hons) in graphic media studies, specialising in packaging and printing.

Joanna joined BRC Global Standards in October 2010, becoming chair for the working groups and technical advisory committee for the review and rewrite of the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issues 4 and 5. Joanna also played a key part in developing the GFSI packaging benchmark document, as well as driving key changes around plastic pellets and packaging waste materials relating to circular economy in issue 6 (2019) of the BRC packaging and packaging materials standard.


Introduction to the BRC Packaging Standard 
Information on the BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard, what it is, who specifies, who certifies, the benefits and scope. 

Maintaining a sustainable packaging product lifecycle
Our current economic model is dominated by a linear approach to consumption and production, where materials are grown or extracted, then made into goods which are used and then disposed of. This session will explore alternatives to this model, based on key sustainability initiatives driving organizations large and small, within the food and food packaging sectors and beyond.

The main changes to the BRC packaging standard 
Discover key changes between BRC Packaging issue 5 and 6, including the management of raw materials, the removal of the second hygiene category and unannounced audit option, as well as the control of plastic pellets, flakes and powder.

Manufacturing quality culture, food safety, health and safety and environment
Issue 6 of the BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials Standard places a highly increased importance on product safety and quality culture. Find out how this seemingly qualitative measure can be quantified and used to increase your product quality and operational efficiency. 

What’s next for plastics in the food packaging industry?
With a critical public eye on plastics, what’s next for their future application in the industry, and how will this impact on other materials?

What’s next- best practice and guidance 
Review implementation of the changes mentioned during the session, and best apply your knowledge to maintaining and continuously improving your audit grade, along with information on energy management, sustainability and quality management.

What to expect from a typical BRC Packaging i6 audit
No nasty surprises! A look at the structure of a typical Issue 6 BRC Packaging and Packaging Materials audit.

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