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Beyond Certification – What does Best in Class look like for Medical Device Manufacturers?

Date: Tuesday, September 17th

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

About this event

Medical Device manufacturing companies are experiencing rapid growth and changing markets, which can bring new risks and challenges, especially for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and Sustainability concerns.  Once a Quality Management System and CE Mark Certifications are in place, what are the next considerations to address new challenges and mitigate organizational risks?  Anticipating new risks, understanding the concerns of investors and customers, and planning strategies to mitigate these concerns are critical factors that require scrutiny when managing growth and improving organizational resilience. 

Join us as we explore how medical device manufacturers can properly assess risk and implement mitigation measures that will enable successful and sustainable growth; as well as the following topics.

  • Understanding the value of broadening your organizations sustainability efforts
  • Utilizing management systems to improve environmental, health and safety visibility and compliance within the organization
  • Learning best practices for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) & ESG (Environmental, social, governance)
  • News on emerging trends in supply chain for Medical Device manufacturing companies
  • Participants will receive a copy of the Bloomberg/BSI white paper “Companies See Value in Broadening Sustainability Efforts”

Melita Elmore, Principal Consultant, CSR/Sustainability & ISO Lead Auditor has experience as a business owner, senior project manager, industry executive and state regulator.  She has worked on management system implementation and auditing, CSR, ESG issues, and in waste minimization, water and energy conservation, EHS curriculum development and training delivery; due diligence; stakeholder outreach and Supply Chain multi-media auditing. | Connect on LinkedIn

Sally Pawsat, CHSP, Principal Consultant, has 25 years of professional environmental, health and safety (EHS) experience in healthcare, semiconductor, laboratory and petrochemical. Her areas of expertise include injury and illness prevention, management system development and implementation, Lean process improvement and project management. She holds ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 lead auditor, Project Management Professional and Hospital Safety Professional certifications. | Connect on LinkedIn

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