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Navigating Disparate Data to Create Informed Solutions

Date: Tuesday, October 29

Time: 1:00p - 2:00p EDT

About this event

Companies of all sizes in all industries struggle with effectively collecting, managing, and processing EHS information throughout their organizations. Fragmented compliance data, scattered across multiple sites with varying forms (Excel, Word, handwritten, etc.) can lead to a wide range of problems and wasted resources.

Join BSI for an Information Solutions webinar with our experts Jeffery McBride and Libby Mack. This online review will explore how organizations can assess gaps in their existing information systems and processes, implement solutions, and measure improvements.

This webinar will provide information on the following topics:

  • Learn the steps toward achieving an integrated information solution with your existing systems and tools
  • Discover how improving data communication can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and improve morale throughout the organization
  • Explore the value of utilizing solutions to drive organizational resilience


Our Speakers

Libby Mack, BSI Consultant, has more than 20 years experience in Information Solutions gap analysis, integration, and implementations across multiple industries and organizations. 

Jeffrey McBride, BSI National Practice Director, Environmental Compliance, utilizes experiences gained in managing 17+ years of environmental, health, and safety challenges to lead a practice of highly skilled consultants that support environmental, health, and safety professionals through the rigors of complying with an ever-changing regulatory world.   | Connect on LinkedIn

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