Why a Food Safety Culture is critical to your business

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October 16, 2019
Time: 2 PM ET

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Where to start in creating a true Food Safety Culture


About this event

Did you know that approximately 600 million people fall ill each year by eating unsafe food and that that approximately 420,000 people die every year by eating unsafe food?*

As well, close to 7,600 people die every day from a work-related accident or illness.* What do all these horrifying stats have in common? Well, the actual common denominator is “people”. So what does this mean? If the common factor in food safety incidents and at work fatalities is “people”, we understand that there is an essential need to create a Food Safety Culture in organizations today.

* Business Insider, June 2019, Germ-detecting AI and virtual farms: How tech will revolutionize food across the globe in the next 5 years.


What you'll learn

Poor communication, lack of empowerment, and poor or limited training of personnel are all negative factors that impact your ability to create safe and sustainable food. Register for our free webinar and find out how to safeguard against these destructive factors and what you need to know to be able to create a food safety culture in your organization.

What we will cover:

  • • Why is ‘Food Safety Culture’ important?
  • • What are the benefits of embracing a Culture of Food Safety?
  • • How do we engage Leadership on the important topic of ‘Culture’?
  • • 10 Tips on how to build a Food Safety Culture Team

And much more.

Your guide through this important world...

Neil Coole, Director, Food & Retail Supply Chain Director at BSI Americas

Neil originally joined BSI in January 1998 as Head of Certification Sales, building and managing a team dedicated to supporting customers with the training, implementation and certification of their business risk management systems.

Neil then joined BRC Global Standards in November 2015 to head up their Global Key Account strategy, engaging key industry brand owners, manufacturers and retailers to understand their requirements from a risk solutions perspective.

Engaging BRC Global Standards approved delivery partners to ensure that they were actively supporting non-certificated suppliers to meet the expectations of their customers. Neil re-joined BSI in June 2018 as Food & Retail Supply Chain Director of the Americas, focusing on organizational resilience, culture excellence and holistic risk management solutions.

The BSI mission:
Improve your organization's performance and resilience

BSI (British Standards Institution) equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence.

From assessment, certification and training to software solutions, advisory services and supply chain intelligence, BSI provides the full solution to facilitate business improvement and help clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably.

Through the passion and expertise of our people, BSI embeds excellence in organizations across the globe to improve business performance and resilience. BSI’s influence spans across multiple sectors with particular focus on Aerospace, Automotive, Built Environment, Food, Retail, Healthcare and IT.

The British Standards Institution (BSI, a company incorporated by Royal Charter), performs the National Standards Body activity (NSB) in the UK. BSI, together with other BSI Group Companies, also offers a broad portfolio of business solutions other than the NSB activity that help businesses worldwide to improve results through Standards-based best practice (such as certification, self-assessment tools, software, product testing, information products and training).

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