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Webinar Replay: The cost of DSRs - How to manage and anticipate data subject requests

Data Subject Requests (DSRs) have increased significantly since the GDPR and as CCPA comes into force, the compliance challenge will not just disappear. DSRs are now an accepted part of everyday corporate life, from access requests, erasure requests and CCPA’s novel “do not sell my data” requests. We have seen clients struggle with the mandated regulatory deadlines, trying to review, redact and deliver responses while drowning in large, complex, and unstructured data sets.

Practically, responding to a DSR isn't hard. The real difficulty is creating an effective response capability itself. The challenge lies in extracting useful insights from multiple systems, knowing where the data is, and how to locate and extract it on demand. For most organizations, data isn't consolidated to a central location but instead it's spread out among different types of in-house systems. Compliance, IT and data protection teams are routinely faced with a “needle in the haystack” search while the inevitable regulatory deadline clock ticks down.

Access this webinar replay and explore:

  • Why it is important to get DSR processes right
  • How can organizations reduce costs, time and resources in address access, erasure, and do not sell my data requests
  • The challenges through workflow optimisation and automation. How can automation help make DSR compliance easier?

Join Inés Rubio, Head of Information Management and Incident Response, and Conor Hogan, Senior Information Governance Manager to get real-world insights and practical tips on how to reduce costs, time, resources and make data subject request compliance easier. 

Our speakers:

Conor Hogan, Senior Information Governance Manager, BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience

Inés Rubio, Head of Information Management and Incident Response, BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience

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