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The Coronavirus - Can ISO protect your business?

About this event

Manufacturing is one of the most important industries in the world. Competition is everywhere, and developments happen at warp speed – both positive and negative. You may have been impacted by the Coronavirus, but how can you better prepare for these types of future disruptions?

By looking at some of the benefits of various ISO Standards, and how they can be successfully incorporated into your business, you can stay a step ahead and lessen the impact of future threats and improve your organizational resilience.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  1. What would a contingency plan look like?
    • Do enough business with other suppliers to tap into them if a key supplier suffers a setback
    • Create a flexible global supply chain and multiple factories around the world
    • Stay in contact with any of your organization’s employees living in that country
    • Know as much as you can about your supplier’s workers and their ‘real’ lives to get a realistic idea of resumption of work in your supplier’s country                                              
  2. The bottom line 
    • Supplier’s may substitute with more expensive products and charge you more
    • Design changes may cut into profits as companies search for alternative parts
    • Packaging may be impacted to accommodate redesigned products                                         
  3. Linking these disruptions to ISO Standards
    • ISO 9001 clause 8.4 (Control of externally provided processes, products, and services) - you could tweak your process with new contingency requirements
    • Managing Risks associated with Supplier disruptions may need a review (Delivery, ISO 9001, clause 8.6)
    • ISO 45001 may become more of a focus for organizations that import products that could host the virus
    • ISO 22301 (Security and resilience – Business Continuity Management Systems – Risk assessment (Clause 6.1 – Risks and opportunities, Clause 8.2 – Business impact analysis and risk assessment, Clause 8.3 – Business continuity strategies and solutions, Clause 8.4 Business continuity plans and procedures)

About our speakers:

Jim Moran is a Training Instructor for BSI Group Canada Inc.  Over the past 24 years he has worked with all 5 versions of ISO 9001 and all 3 versions of ISO 14001.  

Anne-Marie Pizzitelli is the Marketing Director for BSI Group

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