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28 May 2020

09:00-10:30 (UK time)

Join Dr Steven Barr and Ravi Gidoomal from EDGE Digital and Frank Lee, Leigh Verrall and Ben Sheridan from BSI as they talk us through some of the ways that adopting digital technology can overcome current challenges.  

Steven and Ravi will use PAS 1040 to outline some of the key considerations when considering digital technology and how this may help the current situation.

Frank will example how some of the key points raised in ISO 44001 can help organizations not only collaborate with each other, but signal to other organizations that they are willing to adapt and fit in to their plans.

Ben will look into many of the recent changes brought about by the global Covid-19 pandemic having accelerated the rate of innovation within manufacturing supply chains, requiring them to react and adapt to rapidly changing customer requirements and working much more collaboratively than previously.

Key learning outcomes will include:

  • How internationally accepted good practice in collaboration can improve the way you work with the other partners in the supply chain
  • How to understand how digital technologies might help you collaborate better with your supply chain partners, and how to go about establishing which ones are right for your business
  • What the links are between better collaboration and digital adoption within the manufacturing sector.

Meet our speakers 

Dr Steven Barr

Dr Steven Barr is a director of EDGE Digital Manufacturing and member of the board of DRL-Tool.org, working with the UK’s principal institutions in the manufacturing and digital space. He was the lead technical author of British Standards PAS 1040 on Digital Readiness. Steven supports manufacturing industry leaders to maximise ROI collaboratively by integrating modern digital technologies through effective business strategy, operations, people and partner engagement. Steven is a Chartered Engineer and the former National Director of the Manufacturing Advisory Service.

Ravi Gidoomal

Ravi Gidoomal is a director of EDGE Digital Manufacturing and member of the board of DRL-Tool.org. Ravi was a contributing author of British Standards PAS 1040 on Digital Readiness and works with business leaders to maximise performance, reduce costs and increase competitiveness using digital technologies. Ravi is an experienced banker and management consultant and previously led business development and engagement activity with SMEs for ESF Capital, Grant Thornton, GrowthAccelerator and the Business Growth Service.

Frank Lee 

Frank is a Global Technical and Operational Delivery Manager for BSI, responsible for maintaining BSI’s Testing and product certification accreditations. As a member of the BS 11000 and the ISO 44001 standard committees, he is deeply involved in the development of the standard and ensuring it remains a credible certifiable standard.

Ben Sheridan

Ben Sheridan is the Digital Manufacturing sector lead at BSI and works with a wide range of leaders in digital innovation within manufacturing. He is embedded in many partnerships looking to drive digital adoption in factories and supply chains, and also to underpin innovation in digital design and assurance. He has a PHD in solid state physics, and previously worked as a device physicist for Philips Semiconductors.

Leigh Verrall

Leigh Verrall is a BSI Client Manager and Scheme Manager for ISO 44001:2017. Leigh joined BSI in 1992 with a background in transport and warehousing, in 2008 Leigh added the assessment of BS25999 – the business continuity standard, later ISO 22301:2012, to her portfolio which links easily to the resilience aspects of collaboration. Leigh began assessing against the collaborative standard (BS 11000-1:2010, now ISO 44001:2017) nearly 10 years ago, becoming a member of the ICW. 

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