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9 July 2020

09:00-10:00 (UK time)

Whilst we face difficult challenges now, it would be naïve to ignore future challenges. One of the key advances within the manufacturing sphere is the adoption of digital technology and how this will help to maximise the efficiency of resources.

Our speakers will take you through some key considerations and benefits when adopting technology, whilst considering the increasing pressures we face to become more sustainable and efficient.

Key learning outcomes:

  • How to control energy costs through better energy management
  • How to be more resilient by moving towards a more circular economy approach 
  • How digital adoption makes management of energy and resources easier 
  • Advantages to manufacturers of remote auditing.

Meet our speakers 

John Swallow  

With over 30 years experience in the electrical, communications and lighting controls arena, John Swallow, Director of Test Consulting, has worked successfully across many diverse fields including the automotive industry, manufacturing, building automation, power measurement, energy efficiency and IT. From a technical, legislative and compliance perceptive. John has held roles involving design, project management, sales, training and product development. John also has a strong track record in the development of key partnerships with major players including global manufacturers, designers, consultants and end users.

To find out more about John and Test Consulting please visit their website: https://test-consulting.co.uk/


Ben Sheridan 

Ben Sheridan is the Digital Manufacturing sector lead at BSI and works with a wide range of leaders in digital innovation within manufacturing. He is embedded in many partnerships looking to drive digital adoption in factories and supply chains, and also to underpin innovation in digital design and assurance. He has a PHD in solid state physics, and previously worked as a device physicist for Philips Semiconductors.

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