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Pivoting in the Face of Change – How Immersive Consulting is Driving Business Resiliency

Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET

About this event

As individuals and organizations around the world are adapting to evolving realities, the need for improved immersive tactics has never been higher. The switch from in-person to virtual consulting has been difficult for businesses to envision and even tougher to implement.

As a leader in immersive consulting, BSI has been able to provide steady guidance by taking a holistic approach to deliver a well-rounded consulting experience. BSI works with our stakeholders every step of the way to ensure quality information from worksites while adhering to required health and safety practices.

In this session a panel of experts will discuss:

  • Facing and overcoming challenges when migrating to remote consulting
  • How immersive consulting can ensure success
  • What the future looks like for immersive consulting

ModeratorTerri Meyers, Business Development Manager

Esteemed Guest Panelist

  • Derek Hargrove, CSL Behring, Global Supply Chain Security Manager

BSI Experts

  • Jeffery McBride, National Practice Director - Environmental Compliance
  • Kimberly Rodriguez, Supply Chain Associate
  • Michael Tillman, Principal Consultant

Additional BSI experts will be available to answer questions during the event. 

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