Inspiring trust for a more resilient world

  • Title: Red Teaming – Simulating a real-world attack against your organization to increase its resilience
  • Recorded: Tuesday 13 October 2020

Red teaming is a step above traditional penetration (pen) testing by simulating real-world attacks by replicating the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of real-world adversaries. This deep dive into the risks and vulnerabilities of your organization is key to assess your organization resilience. 

This webinar demonstrate a real-world attack simulation by a red team and cover:

  • Enterprise reconnaissance
  • Gaining the initial foothold: 
    • Phishing attack to bypass two-factor authentication
    • Weaponization of an Office document
  • Persistence
  • Local privilege escalation
  • Lateral movement across the domain
  • Stealthy active directory persistence

Our security experts:

Joe Pierini, Head of Testing (US), BSI Consulting Services

Muath Sharawi,  Principal Security Consultant, BSI Consulting Services

Sadi Zane,  Senior Security Consultant, BSI Consulting Services


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