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Webinar: How is food fraud evolving and what should you do?

Meet the presenters

Horse meat in beef lasagne, Olives coloured with copper sulphate, Counterfeit sugar contaminated with fertilizer, and Melamine in milk powder are amongst a growing list of food fraud cases.

The impact of food fraud ranges from harmful adulteration potentially resulting in illness or death, to unethical substitution of inferior products which can destroy brand reputation or even the reputation of an entire exporting country. In all cases, the consumer does not get exactly what they expected or what they have paid for.

Webinar agenda:

  • Food fraud today, the impact of a pandemic such as Coronavirus/ COVID 19
  • Case studies - real life food fraud
  • Scale and impact: the challenges of global supply chains
  • Emerging trends and threats
  • New criminal activity supporting fraud 
  • Preventing food fraud (you can’t but you can make it more difficult and unappealing)
  • Live Q&A 

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Meet the presenters

Richard Werran's food career began as a food technologist and spans 40+ years working in international food ingredient and food manufacturing sectors.

Richard is BSI’s EMEA Regional Director for Food and Retail Supply Chain, an acknowledged expert on genetic modification and a Fellow of the IFST and the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology.

Dr. James Donarski holds joint positions as the head of food authenticity at Fera Science and a senior lecturer in the field of chemistry at Newcastle University.

James has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles including guidelines for building food authenticity databases. He is a member of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) technical committee 460 – Food Authenticity, where he acts as a national expert in the field of food authentication. 


Dr. Adrian Charlton BSc, PhD is a principal scientist and biochemist at Fera Science with over 20 years of post-doctoral experience and 60+ peer reviewed publications.

Adrian’s expertise relates to the control and regulation of adulterants, contaminants and allergens that threaten a sustainable food supply chain.Representing UK and international governments in relation to food safety, quality and authenticity, Adrian advises bodies including UN-FAO, WHO, EU, EFSA, CEN and ISO. Adrian also chairs the UK Bee Products Committee working closely with BSI, developing the technical aspects of the Food Assurance Kitemark.



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