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The Evolution of Food Storage and Distribution Standards

Meet the presenters

This webinar includes: BRCGS issue 4 key changes and ISO refrigerated transport update

Discover the latest threats and opportunities to food storage and distribution in this extended webinar hosted by BSI, with experts from The Cold Chain Federation, BRCGS and Strangford Consulting. During the webinar you will hear about the following topics: 

  • BRCGS Storage and Distribution standard-  Issue 4, changes, timeline and deadlines
  • Environmental challenges and targets for cold chain logistics in 2021
  • Brexit impact: import and export trade for the food industry
  • New ISO standards for temperature-controlled delivery, ISO 23412:2020
  • Case study: quality, safety and competitive advantage 

This webinar will benefit food manufacturers that are already certified, seeking certification, or whose certification has lapsed. 

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Meet the presenters

Cold Chain Federation - Tom Southall, Policy Director 

Tom Southall, Policy Director, Cold Chain Federation leads the policy and advisory work of the Cold Chain Federation, the UK’s trade association for the temperature-controlled logistics industry. With a background including public sector environmental policy and private consultancy, Tom’s work at the CCF covers a wide range of policy areas including energy and climate change, food safety, health and safety and transport policy.

BRCGS Global Standards - Richa Bedi-Navik Technical Manager-Food, Storage & Distribution

Richa is the technical expert and program manager for BRCGS, where she is responsible for developing and maintaining the value of BRCGS Storage and Distribution and Food Safety programs. Richa has worked in a variety of roles associated with food safety and quality management in food manufacturing, food service and retail sectors, including for brands within the logistics industry such as DHL.

Strangford Consulting - David Bradley, Managing Director

Former Middlegate Europe COO David Bradley manages a successful consultancy practice, assisting companies preparing for, attaining and certifying to BRCGS Storage and Distribution, Food and Packaging. A member of the BSI Associate Consultant Scheme, David’s approach to operating sites is both collaborative and supportive.

Moderated by:

Erica Colson, EMEA Food Sector Propositions Manager, BSI Group

Erica Colson leads BSI’s food sector client propositions and communications strategy across the EMEA region. As the architect of many of BSI’s successful food and beverage sector events, Erica drives conversation and thoughtful insight from technical experts, ensuring an engaging and thought-provoking event agenda.


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