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CB Scheme - The ‘Best Kept Secret’ Towards Accessing International Markets​

Date: April 21, 2021

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm ET

Your Host: BSI Group America

About this event

The IECEE’s CB scheme is a truly international certification program. Through the partnership of certification bodies like BSI and accredited testing laboratories like QAI, this certification scheme is being delivered around the globe, to members in over 50 countries.

The scope of the scheme is wide and ever-increasing, covering the safety of a vast range of electrotechnical products from toys and household goods to medical, information technology, and industrial equipment.

CB scheme reports may be used towards certification of your product for the North American market by a NRTL and SCC accredited certification body, simplifying the process to bring your product to market.

CB scheme offers your product a passport for international market access, easing the stress of export and demonstrating conformity with the required IEC standards. It allows you access to place the product on the market in any of the participating countries while reducing the need for repeated testing, due to the mutual recognition of test results, which reduces the associated time, effort, and costs.

Learn more about the CB scheme in a joint webinar with experts from both BSI and QAI.

About QAI

As one of the leading product conformance agencies, QAI is your one-stop-shop for testing, inspection, and certification services including Electrical Safety (CB Scheme, NRTL, Canada), EMC, and environmental for a wide scope of electrical products. With multiple locations, QAI has established an international reputation for offering tailored solutions & an unparalleled client experience. Visit www.qai.org for more information.

About the Presenters

Brandon Ngai is QAI’s Medical Expert. He has over 11 years experience in the medical industry, including working at medical manufacturers in several roles including Compliance, Quality Assurance and Hardware Design. Brandon also worked with a large Certification Agency prior to joining QAI in 2019.

Colby Manley is QAI’s Electrical Technical Manager for General Products. Prior to QAI he worked at an HVAC controls company as a hardware analyst; testing, evaluating, and verifying new and existing products. Now with QAI for over 9 years, Colby started as an Electrical Project Manager doing inspections, testing, and certification of a diverse group of products, both in the lab and at onsite locations. During the last 2 years Colby has been the Electrical Technical Manager and now works on growing the technical requirements.

Jason Stadnik is QAI’s Director of Electrical Product Safety – North America. He started his career within the appliance industry which led to taking a position at a large Certification agency where he spent 12 years performing inspections, testing, Project Management and in the final few years excelled in sales as an Account Manager. Now with QAI for over 11 years, Jason has been the Sales Manager, Electrical Division Manger and now heads the Electrical Safety Division.

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