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Protect your devices, Protect your business

Date: April 29, 2021

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm ET

Your Host: BSI Group America

About this event

The Internet of Things has revolutionized society, allowing the world around us to be more connected and more responsive through “smart” devices and digital applications. IoT connected devices can improve our lives, make our cities more sustainable, and improve manufacturing.

What makes connected devices “smart” is also what makes them vulnerable; each step in the collection, transmission, manipulation, and storage of mass amounts of data multiplies cyber threat vectors and broadens the landscape for possible intrusion. According to Comcast’s Xfinity Cyber Health Report, the average household is targeted with 104 threats each month from malicious actors. In a more jarring example, over 149,000 security cameras around the country were recently exposed as a result of one data breach, exposing everything from a police interrogation room to inside a family home, wherever these security cameras were being used. This is not the first-time internet connected cameras have been hacked or exposed. Organizations can face serious damages and consequences to as demonstrated in a recent breach of NurseryCam which lead to the company having to shut down their IoT camera service. 

The connected-world can be a dangerous place to live. Increasingly in use, smart devices open users up to unwanted surveillance and security vulnerabilities. Manufacturers need to be aware of increasing legislation and may be held liable for these types of data loss and privacy exposures resulting from cyber-attacks. 

BSI’s IoT and Cybersecurity certification experts can help to address IoT Foundation Testing - how an IoT device or application can be judged safe and secure? What it must undergo before being allowed into a market, and the most prevalent type of vulnerabilities for IoT devices?

BSI’s experts will cover:

  • Products within IoT
  • Top risks for IoT devices
  • IoT requirements and regulations
  • Benefits of IoT Foundation testing and certification

About the Presenters

David Mudd, Global Digital Product Director, BSI

Ryan Hogan, Head of Sales, Cybersecurity, BSI

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