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Webinar Replay: Strengthen your organization’s cyber-resilience through Purple teaming and Incident Response Exercises

With the increased use of technology due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations worldwide have experienced elevated levels of cybercrime. Amidst the current cyber threat landscape, how well prepared is your organization to prevent, detect, respond, and recover from an attack? Learn how attack simulation activities, such as Purple teaming exercises and a tenacious approach to Incident Response management, can help strengthen your organization's security posture.

Align your security strategy with your organization’s goals based on identifying what key areas need to be assessed and how best to develop your security maturity level. 

The webinar will explore:

  • Attack simulation and Incident Response planning, execution and evaluation
  • Purple Team exercises and how to develop your detection and response capabilities
  • How to train your staff to avoid making common mistakes and the best approach to bridging security gaps
  • How to prepare your organization with the right tools and procedures to assess and develop your detection and response capabilities
  • How to prevent malicious attacks from intruders

Our security experts:

Sean Crowley, Practice Manager, Cyber, Risk and Advisory, BSI Consulting Services     

Muath Sharawi, Global Practice Lead, Network Testing, BSI Consulting Services


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