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Visit the Interschutz Exhibition Event without leaving your home or office. 

BSI's 360 degree video's of our lab testing and literature allow you to discover BSI labs as if you were visiting in person. 

Click on the links below and scroll to look around the 360 degrees of the lab on your screen today:

  1. Respiratory Protective Equipment Lab | Overview | Hemel Hempstead
  2. Fire Testing Brochure 2021
  3. Breathing Resistance Rig Hemel Hempstead
  4. BSI Alarms IoT Brochure
  5. Simulated Wear Rig Hemel Hempstead
  6. Fireangel FIA case study
  7. Penetration Rigs Hemel Hempstead
  8. EI Electronics FIA case study
  9. Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Rig Hemel Hempstead
  10. Fire Standards
  11. Total Inward Leakage (T.I.L) Rig Hemel Hempstead
  12. PPE Standards Flyer 
  13. Conditioning Area & Walk-in Chamber Hemel Hempstead
  14. ISO 21420 - PPE product flyer
  15. Gas Capacity Lab | Hemel Hempstead
  16. PPE Brochure 
  17. Acidic Gas Chamber Hemel Hempstead
  18. Chlorine Gas Chamber Hemel Hempstead
  19. Flammable Gas Chamber Hemel Hempstead
  20. Anechoic Chamber Hemel Hempstead


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Specsavers case study            Avon Protection case study            JSP case study

PPE Brochure                         PPE Regulation guide                    CE to UKCA PPE infographic

ISO 21420 PPE flyer