Inspiring trust for a more resilient world
BSI cybersecurity and information resilience

BSI cybersecurity business evolves into BSI Digital trust

The world is changing. And so are we.

With ever-increasing digital connectivity, data use, and new innovative technologies, each and every transaction and interaction on a personal, societal and business level now requires the establishment of digital trust.

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Red teaming | A step above traditional pentesting

Given today’s cyber threat landscape, the need for a robust and established security function within your organization is more prevalent than ever. How well prepared are you and your organization to prevent, detect, respond and recover from an attack

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Podcast | How cyber vulnerabilities are plaguing the supply chain

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities have been plaguing supply chains across industries.

Mark Brown appears on the Tech Talks Daily podcast alongside Neil C. Hughes to discuss this trend, tools to combat the threat of cyber attacks on the supply chain along with cybersecurity risk and trends that are emerging along with how we can better prepare.

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Blog | The rise of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)

What does the future of ransomware look like?

Mark Brown discusses the increase in the prevalence and impact of ransomware in recent years, the rise of Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), how it is now becoming "industrialised" in the same manner as has occurred in traditional software development, and steps organizations can take to mitigate the risk of attack.

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Blog | Privacy considerations in the advancement of digital healthcare

Who and what is behind patient data?

Conor Hogan, Global Practice Director – Data Governance, Digital Trust, BSI discusses privacy and data protection in the age of digital health. Healthcare organizations can adopt simple measures to embed and implement privacy by design strategies early in their development lifecycle to ensure that patient data and privacy rights are protected.

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Certified training courses | See our upcoming courses in 2022

To become a resilient organization, your people need to be prepared for possible cyber threats.

From beginner to advanced courses, we partner with the IAPP - International Association of Privacy Professionals, ISACA, (ISC)², EC-Council CompTIA, PECB and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT to provide a range of accredited training options that can help you get the knowledge and skills to build resilience around your cybersecurity.

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Webinar replay | "Remember when food was food and security was a locked door?"

The final webinar of our food and cybersecurity webinar series will focus on the ever-changing landscape of the food supply chain becoming more distant with global suppliers, yet everyone is much "closer" in a connected world. It is the existence of these very connections that now pose the greatest risk to the global food supply chain. Are your IT systems secure enough to guarantee on-time delivery of critical supplies? Are your business partners' IT systems secure? How do you know for certain? Let's discuss the path of food and how advances in technology have simplified, yet complicated, all aspects of food growth, harvesting, production, and distribution.
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On-demand webinar: Data protection considerations in the direct-to-consumer business model

Are you aware of the privacy and cybersecurity risks and obligations when shifting to a D2C model?

Our third webinar in this series will provide an overview of the impacts of adopting a D2C model in the food industry and the associated pitfalls and risks your organization will need to take into consideration.

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