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Emerging Supply Chain Risk Trends for 2022 & How to Adapt

Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021 

Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM ET 

Your Host: BSI US 

Crime, climate and convergence of threats have this year emerged as dominant risks to the global supply chain according to the latest BSI supply chain risk insights report. This annual intelligence report identifies the trends and associated risks impacting global supply chains for the year ahead.


Join us for our webinar "Emerging Supply Chain Risk Trends for 2022 & How to Adapt" to hear from our Global Intelligence Analysts, as they provide an overview of the main threats to the Supply Chain to prepare for in 2022 as presented in the SCREEN Annual report.  This year, the we will be answering : The five questions we need to answer for 2022 including:

  • Against a backdrop of irreversible climate change and economic uncertainty, what do we really need to know about our suppliers?
  • As regulatory regimes evolve, how do we ensure we make the supply chain decisions that can shape business success and a cleaner, greener planet?
  • How do we best address the key geographic and sector pain points in a changed and changing world?
  • How do we adapt to the current convergence of multiple business challenges?
  • What are the key emerging trends for 2022 and beyond and how do we unlock the potential they offer?

The Annual Report will be publicly avable on November 16 as a tool for orginzations to help plan ahead for 2022.



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