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Delivering supply chain resilience: The five questions we need to answer for 2022

This new report provides valuable insight on key trends ahead of "make or break" year for supply chains. Crime, climate and a convergence of threats have this year emerged as dominant risks to the global supply chain. Read the report to find out the five questions we need to answer for 2022 and get data to help enable your organizations to achieve long term resilience.

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Emerging supply chain risk trends for 2022 & how to adapt

This in-depth overview covers what to expect from continuing supply chain risks including increasing regulations, risk convergence and risk evolution. Plus a look at other challenges on the horizon including shifts in trade policy which may contribute to further disruptions, the influence of consumer behavior and automation and lingering Covid-related impacts. It also discusses a new organizational approach to supply chain risk which suggests key future areas on which to focus such as the need for end-to-end risk assessments, heightened verification and new ways to communicate more efficiently throughout the supply chain.

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Achieve supply chain resilience with BSI Connect Screen.

BSI Connect Screen is the largest proprietary global supply chain risk intelligence database that looks at more than 20 risk ratings in over 200 countries. Utilizing this database, BSI has created the annual Supply Chain Intelligence report, "Delivering supply chain resilience: The five questions we need to answer for 2022." Learn how to increase your supply chain resilience and gain insight in order to build a more resilient supply chain with three customizable Connect Screen subscriptions. Compare the different features of BSI Connect Screen subscriptions here.

Improve your organization's performance and resilience.

BSI (British Standards Institution) equips businesses with the necessary solutions to turn standards of best practice into habits of excellence.

BSI Consulting, a subsidiary of BSI, is a global consultancy dedicated to supporting clients managing their risks in environmental, health and safety, security and sustainability to deliver sustainable, socially responsible solutions. With clients representing a range of sectors - technology, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing, energy, retail, food and beverage - BSI is the organization to go to when the path forward is unchartered and deep technical experience is required.

Our innovative solutions synergistically work in lockstep with our consulting services to deliver positive sustainable impact for our clients and a higher degree of resilience.