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Sustainable Mobility Design Philosophies: ​Past, Present, Future​

Managing the total carbon footprint and whole-life impact of aerospace and automotive assets has never been more complex or important. It’s under constant scrutiny by upstream customers, investors, regulators, the media, and end-users.​

How will you get ahead of these demands to become more sustainable?​

Adapting your design philosophy is crucial to achieving this. Making the right design choices to drive sustainability throughout the asset lifecycle – especially on the interconnected issues of material selection, fuelling and power sources, repair and maintenance, and end-of-life recovery.​

What you'll learn from our expert speakers:​

  • The critical impact of design on the true carbon footprint of automotive and aerospace assets –the essential shift from straight-line to circular to networked economy model​

  • How to use design as the driving influence throughout the transport and mobility lifecycle – including adaptable design, alternative energy, recovery of materials, remanufacturing and recycling ​

  • Real examples of good practice – and lessons learned – from the aerospace and automotive sectors ​

  • How to identify your level of design-maturity and how to build the capabilities to become more flexible, sustainable and future proof​


And much more...



Martin Townsend, Global Head of Sustainability and Circular Economy

Rob Brown, Global Head of Automotive

Brendon Hill, Global Head of Aerospace


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