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Being proactive in the Pharmaceutical Industry Today and Beyond

Date: Thursday, June 9, 2022 

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM ET 

Your Host: BSI US 

About this event

This 90-minute webinar is an executive roundtable with our BSI expert and our panel of guest speakers from Merck, CSL Behring, and AstraZeneca. These experts will talk about proactive security risk management for the pharmaceutical industry. They will explore the importance of supply chain intelligence for high-risk geopolitical environments, how to protect high-value assets, and best practices to ensure the supply chain security of those assets.

On this live webinar, learn about:

1. The top risks for pharmaceutical supply chains (past, present, future) – What were the top risks, and how they have changed over the past ten years. Looking forward, what future risks should organizations anticipate over the next five or ten years.

2. E-commerce distribution models - Has a move toward the e-commerce distribution models changed the way supply chain security should think about risk? Will ‘last mile’ issues become more prominent in the pharmaceutical industry?

3. Threats such as diversion, counterfeiting, and theft – As these threats become more commonplace, what are their security recommendations?

4. Security tools - What programs and standards do they look to as a best practice framework for supply chain security? What other tools do they use to aid in scaling their efforts?

5. The importance of supply chain risk intelligence (in high-risk geopolitical environments) – How this knowledge helps to manage and mitigate risk in a pharmaceutical supply chain.

6. ‘Good Manufacturing and Distribution Practices’ – other internal and external stakeholders to secure the supply chain?

Meet our speakers

Derek Hargrove, CSL Behring, Global Manager, Supply Chain Security

Derek E. Hargrove is Global Supply Chain Security Manager at CSL Behring, an innovator and leading global biopharmaceutical company, driven by its promise to save lives. Derek has an extensive Materials Management background, working in various industries over his career—telecommunications, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical devices to name a few. Derek started his career at CSL as US Logistics Specialist, quickly adjusting to this new environment, and moving on to Supply Chain Security.

He has completed supply chain security risk assessments across the globe in this role and is primed for success. Through the current pandemic, he has had to rethink how to complete his risk assessments without the normally necessary travel. He has processed virtual and tabletop Supply Chain Security Assessments with BSI’s support, identifying vulnerabilities and threats to manufacturing sites, 3PL’s, Transport provides, and various business partners to ensure they are compliant to CSL’s security requirements.

Rob Gibbs, AstraZeneca, Global Supply Chain Security Lead

Rob has over 12 years of experience working in a number of global supply chains and currently leads the Global Supply Chain Security for AstraZeneca within the Product Security team. In his current role Rob is responsible for developing AstraZeneca’s Supply Chain Security strategy which includes: establishing AstraZeneca’s global standards for Supply Chain Security. He is currently leading the implementation of AstraZeneca’s Global Supply Chain Security Assurance Framework. Before undertaking his current position Rob worked as a Senior Freight Manager in AstraZeneca’s Global Logistics Function supporting the global deployment of AstraZeneca’s vaccine programme and maintaining the supply of medicines to patients throughout the COVID pandemic.

Rob joined AstraZeneca in 2018, having previously worked as a Logistic Manager for Northern Europe in a pallet solutions company and prior to that as a Logistic Office within the UK Armed Forces.

Charles Morton, Merck, Director, Global Security, Supply Chain Security

Charles Morton is an accomplished senior security risk management professional and is currently the Director of Supply Chain Security at Merck.  Charles utilizes his 20+ years of combined experience in supply chain security, corporate security management, Homeland Security, and law enforcement to proactively minimize risk and promote a culture of security efficiency and awareness.  Charles formerly served in leadership as Vice President and North America Security Manager at Panalpina and at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as the former Director of HAZMAT Threat Assessment Program and former Branch Chief of Highway Cargo Security. 

Tony Pelli, BSI America Professional Services, Principal Consultant

Tony Pelli has six years of experience serving as a security risk consultant in the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) industry, conducting enterprise-level risk assessments for both national and global clients and supply chain partners.

As a member of BSI’s Advisory team, Tony assists clients in designing, implementing and refining their supply chain risk mitigation programs, and obtaining certification in government supply-chain security programs. Additionally, Tony has designed loss prevention and security assessments, mapped and assessed security and business continuity risk in supply chains for Fortune 500 companies, and assisted in the successful implementation of security plans, policies, and procedures.


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