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ISO For Beginners 10: Ask the expert!

Date: Wednesday November 30, 2022 

Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM ET 

About this event

Since BSI started the ISO for Beginners Series last year, more than 6,900 people have participated in our webinars to learn more about how to successfully implement and maintain a Quality Management System and meet the requirements of the standard.

During our first 9 episodes, we talked about:

  • ISO for Beginners 1: How to implement a QMS
  • ISO for Beginners 2: The 5 common mistakes when implementing a QMS
  • ISO for Beginners 3: Get ready for your first audits
  • ISO for Beginners 4: A look at risks from 4 perspectives
  • ISO for Beginners 5: Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions
  • ISO for Beginners 6: We are certified, now what?
  • ISO for Beginners 7: Make your audits pay
  • ISO for Beginners 8: Layered Process Audits
  • ISO for Beginners 9: Common risks associated with Quality Management

Now, it’s time to pause and see if you still have some questions about the topics we have already covered. Register now and submit your questions and Jim Moran will answer them during our next webinar!

We have received questions in 5 main categories: Documentation, Non-conformances, Internal  Auditing, Risk and Performance measurement. Important topics that everyone is curious about!

See you at the webinar Wednesday, November 30 at 2:00 PM EST


Jim Moran

Training Instructor, BSI Group

About Jim Moran. 

Jim is a training instructor and an auditor who has been implementing ISO management systems with clients since 1992. He has been conducting training for ISO Standards since 1996.  He currently sits on ISO PC 280, a committee formed to participate in the development of a new Guideline for Management Consultancy, ISO 20700, which was published in 2017.


Vanessa Zamora

Marketing Manager, BSI Group Canada


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