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What are the supply chain's changing challenges?

This critical supply chain analysis briefing identifies the most important trends and associated risks affecting global supply chains for the year ahead, and offers recommendations to mitigate those risks, including:

•Key factors which most supply network contributors have yet to fully account for including the ongoing effects of the pandemic, intensified geopolitical tensions, the results of wide-scale inflation and the ongoing natural disasters disruptions.

•Protecting the supply chain while addressing human rights, workforce changes and climate impacts including new socio-economic changes like reduction of Chinese supply chain influence, more severe environmental regulation and expanding worker rights enforcement responses.

•The opportunities and challenges of the supply chain's digital transformation including cybercrime increases, artificial intelligence assisted supply chain managment techniques including block-chain based traceability, Internet of Things (IOT) data and virtual supply chain replication/simulation.

Speaker's bios:

Erica Bressner - BSI Supply Chain, Business Intelligence Analyst

Erica leads the efforts of the Global Intelligence Team to build out our CSR Module in order to incorporate more intel as well as recommendations related to sustainability in the information we share through SCREEN. She writes several Analysis and news articles on business continuity issues, crime, terrorism, and human rights and environmental violations for SCREEN News every week. 
Marianna Sanford - BSI Supply Chain, Business Intelligence Analyst

Based upon her rich international background, Marianna is a BSI Global Intelligence expert. She tracks geopolitical trends and extrapolates meaning from those risks in the North America region. This includes business continuity risks, like economic and political instability, security risks, such as drug smuggling and terrorism, and corporate social responsibility risk, like human rights and environmental violations.

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