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Achieving Sustainability Goals with BIM

Date: May 25, 2023

Time: 11 AM EST | 4 PM UK 

About this event

The history of Building Information Modeling (BIM) dates back several decades, however the benefits of BIM really began in the mid-2000’s as digitization started to transform construction. BIM is an information management process underpinned by collaborative working and digital technologies. It uses a shared digital representation of an asset to facilitate design, construction and operation processes to form a reliable basis for decisions. Greater efficiencies can be realized due to significant preplanning during the design and construction phases, providing comprehensive information at handover stage.  BIM is all about collaboration - between engineers, owners, architects, and contractors in a three-dimensional virtual construction environment (common data environment), and it shares information across these disciplines.

This structured and collaborative environment is also critical to implement data-driven sustainability programs, allowing for greater transparency, efficiency, and control of building systems. This webinar will explore where these fundamental elements of BIM can help drive and improve sustainability in the built environment.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • What is BIM (Building Information Modeling)?
  • How using BIM and a common data environment promotes collaboration and improves efficiencies in the construction process.
  • How BIM can help drive and achieve your sustainability mandate.

Join us on May 25, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST for our live webinar.


Keith Bryan, Director, Built Environment, BSI Americas

Rahul Shah, Director, Built Environment, BSI EMEA


Anne-Marie Pizzitelli, Global Head of Marketing, Built Environment, BSI


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