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Managing supply chain risk: Diagnosing the problem

Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2024 

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ET 

Your Host: BSI Consulting

About this event

Most organizations recognize the need to improve their supply chain risk management. These companies understand the importance of shoring up measures to secure shipments, avoid disruption, and foresee the challenges that suppliers may face. However, this task can feel overwhelming, leaving organizations unsure of where to begin. 

This webinar will give companies the tools they need to effectively diagnose their supply chain risk management issues, identify key stakeholders for the process, start on the path to supply chain resilience.

Why attend? 

  • Learn how to build a case internally for managing supply chain risk
  • Identify internal and external stakeholders who are critical to managing supply chain risk
  • Understand the greatest supply chain risks to your organization
  • Begin to plan how your organization will tackle the most critical supply chain issues they are facing

Speaker's bio: 

Tony PelliPractice Director, BSI Consulting, Specializing in Supply Chain & Security Risk Management

Tony is an experienced supply chain risk consultant with a broad range of specialized skill sets, including  conducting end-to-end, enterprise-level supply chain risk assessments for clients and their supply chain partners. As a member of BSI’s Advisory team, he designs and implements supply chain security programs and management systems. Tony has also designed loss prevention and security assessments, mapped security, and business continuity risk in supply chains for Fortune 500 companies, and assisted in the successful implementation of supply chain security procedures, including for CTPAT certification.

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