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Using technology for non-conformities and corrective action plans

29 June: 15:00 BST (UK)/10:00 ET (US)

The aim of an audit is to spot both weaknesses and opportunities within an organization. When a weakness is identified, it is essential that an organization notes this and comes up with a solution to not only remedy this occasion but to discover the root cause and establish a mechanism to prevent this from happening again. This is where non-conformities and corrective action plans come in.

When an incident or non-conformity has been identified, it is vital we log this, along with producing a solution to prevent repeats. Technology is a great enabler, by not only keeping a digital record of all such occurrences but also providing templates and tools that support you in investigating the cause and help you spot opportunities for improvement. This will not only present a clear picture to interested parties of what has occurred but also lay out a clear way to correct the route causes of such an issue.

Peter Hickmott, a client manager at BSI, has spent a career identifying such opportunities within organizations, but also agreeing on corrective action plans. He will take you through how technology has enabled him to carry out his job in a more efficient way. Following that, we will demonstrate how BSI’s Connect portfolio might provide the tools you need to do likewise.


  • Peter Hickmott, Delivery Manager, Customized audits. Peter has an extensive career auditing a diverse range of organizations, both physically and remotely, identifying opportunities for improvement and occasions of non-compliance. Peter has been delivering remote audits since November 2019, and has now delivered over 140 man-days of remote assessments, and will explain how the Pandemic has highlighted the importance of technology more than ever before when auditing.
  • Jonathan Waters, Commercial Manager, Software. Jonny has worked for the last 15 years within the B2B software sphere and now heads up BSI's UK solution for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software.
  • Martin Williams, Client Solutions Architect, Software. Martin’s expertise is ensuring that clients not only choose the right software but implement it in a way that will maximize the benefits they gain from it.

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