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Visit BSI’s Window and Door testing labs via our 360° Videos

Our comprehensive range of testing and certification services for windows and doors can bring you complete peace of mind whether you manufacture windows and doors, are a window installer, or you are looking to source quality products.

BSI’s 360 degree videos of our lab testing allow you to discover BSI labs as if you were visiting in person.

Immerse yourself in the full lab-visit experience by scrolling to look around 360 degrees of the lab on your screen today. 

  1. Robotic arm testing, assessing operational strength of windows and doors
  2. Robotic arm testing- up to 1 million cycles 
  3. Double glazing unit testing
  4. Light transmission rig testing
  5. Optical performance testing
  6. Double glazing - insulated glass unit weathering
  7. Double glazing- insulated glass unit testing
  8. Impact testing
  9. Weather tightness rig testing specifications
  10. Weather tightness rig- scope and importance of testing
  11. Enhanced security testing, burglar simulation
  12. Enhanced security PAS 24 test sample requirements
  13. BSI accreditations- vehicle glass testing


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