Accessible Charging: PAS 1899 Assessment Scheme

Over 14 million disabled people reside in the UK, including 2.35 million utilizing the blue badge parking scheme. An estimated 1.35 million disabled individuals are reliant on public charge point infrastructure. In October 2022, the Motability Foundation and UK Government (OZEV) co-sponsored PAS 1899, setting a new standard for accessible EV charging. This standard offers guidance for designers, manufacturers, procurers, and operators of public charge points.

Based on the requirements of PAS 1899, BSI developed an assessment scheme to help the industry develop trust and drive the adoption of new EV technology across the disabled users’ community. Our Kitemark scheme provides a holistic approach to disabled parking bays where we not only look at the bay itself but also ensure that the equipment installed meets the electrical safety requirements of PAS 1899. Our Kitemark scheme has been endorsed by the Motability Foundation.

At BSI, we have developed two Kitemark schemes based on the PAS 1899 standard requirements. The schemes cover the following aspects:

EV Charging Stations

This certification is aimed at the EV charging stations to ensure that these meet the requirements of the PAS 1899 for:

  • Physical Chargepoint Design (Clause 5)
  • Digital Platforms and Information Provision (Clause 8)

Manufacturers and designers will be able to apply for the Accessible Scheme as a standalone product or as an add-on to the existing Kitemark certification for EV chargers.

Accessible Charging

This scheme is aimed at the actual parking bays designed for use by disabled users, appropriate installation and maintenance. The requirements for the Accessible Charging scheme include:

  • Subcontracting control and process which reviews how subcontracting is handled.
  • Purchasing
  • Training and competence
  • Maintenance
  • Escalations and complaints

Continued compliance will be reviewed through site audits and ongoing reviews of the above processes.

Procurers, Charge Point Operators, and installers will be able to apply for the Accessible Charging Kitemark scheme.

BSI Offering

Accessible ready Kitemark – for manufacturers of accessible EV charging equipment. These will have to meet the requirements of clause 5 (physical charge point design) and clause 8 (digital platforms and information provision)

Accessible Charging Kitemark – for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) that will be required to meet clause 6 (chargepoint placement) and clause 7 (physical environment/streetscape)

Watch our on-demand webinar on PAS 1899 EV charger complianceWatch here

Scheme endorsement by Motability Foundation

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